IR Sensor Smart & RTU 2-in-1 Terminal
IR Sensor Smart & RTU 2-in-1 Terminal


WiFi IR Sensor Smart & RTU 2-in-1 Terminal   


Product Highlights

vWiFi IR Sensor Smart & RTU 2-in-1 Terminal

v2-in-1 smart sensor(s) and RTU terminal product

vOptional DC 12V power supply

vOptional Battery power supply (ER34615H 19,000mAh/ER34615M 13,500mAh)

vIt can sense and count the number of obstructions through infrared IR, specular reflection, with reflector, 4m effective distance

vExpandable with 2 of 14 types PSS gas sensors with aluminum sleeve enclosure

vUp to 8 working simultaneously including sensors and controllers; Customization needed if more than 8 working at the same time

vRTU controlling signal and interfaces OD/PWR triggered by sensor(s) data or OTA command for solenoid valve or other devices

vOptional (Public/Private) IoT cloud platform PolySuite iView

Products includes following parts:

v WxS7800 WiFi Smart IoT and RTU 2-in-1 Terminal

vENC-102001 WxS Series 4.0 Enclosure(φ145x90x55mm, IP67)

vPSS-333044 IR Sensor (Mirrored reflection, 4 meters)

Configuration Tool

viEdge4.0 WxS IoT Terminal products can be configured with PolySuite software-visual based Configuration Tool or CLI interface command or OTA via IoT platform, such as PolySuite PaaS platform iView.

vDownload link https://ota.polysense.online/wincc/ConfigurationTool.rar

Product Image

vThe shell is WxS Series 4.0 Enclosure(φ145x90x55mm, IP67) , as shown in the figure below

vThe sensor is externally connected. See the following document PSS-333044 for the sensor picture